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In my paintings I seek to capture the idea of the instantaneous and the invisible of everyday life. I feel like a pictorial photographer, I think of the works as frames of a cinematographic sequence. I am interested in painting the essence of the moment, what is not seen, capturing what is in people sitting, lying down, sleeping, thinking, sad, that intimacy is what attracts me, in each painting I try to immortalize the sensation that runs through the scene.


When I paint, the action of  comes to me, immersing myself in water, in the wateriness of the painting itself. What separates the surface of the water and the surface of the air, when one is submerged, is a two-dimensional and abstract separation surface that cannot be seen but can be measured. This point of union between one surface and another is what I am interested in working on: between figuration and geometrization, between coherence and incoherence. I think of it as a healing act, both immersing yourself in the water and immersing yourself in the paint.

I am a multidisciplinary artist. I use several media such as painting and photography, as well as different materials such as oil, watercolor, acrylic, wood, canvas, among others.
The uncertainty of the pandemic of 2020 has changed humanity and my work. The intuitive color is purified until it becomes flat and protagonist, the imperious need for an increasingly definitive geometry arises and consequently planes are spread and angles are multiplied, breaking with the known and comfortable of the traditional support I used until then.
The series "Archipelagos" speaks of isolation, but it is also a metaphor for bonds and the need to maintain relationships. Thus, in front of the cut frame and the individuality of each painting, the possibility of generating a macro composition arises from the union with other paintings that act as complements to each other.

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Born on October 4, 1993 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
She is a film director from the Universidad del Cine (FUC).
She is a visual artist trained in different painting workshops, including those of: Dolores Casares, Carolina Antoniadis, Elias Slonim and Ivana Roitberg. During the years 2020 and 2021 he carried out a clinic and work analysis with Tulio De Sagastizábal and since 2021 he has participated in the painting workshop of Sergio Bazán and Fernando O'connor. In 2021, he won a scholarship from the National Endowment for the Arts in the Individual Training category.


He is currently monitoring projects with Sofia Zuluaga and works clinic in Proyecto PAC at the Gachi Prieto gallery, in Buenos Aires. Participate in the residence "The abysmal instant" of MANTA. It is also part of the ´Cuatro x Cuatro´ clinic run by the artist Pablo Sinaí and the curator Federico de la Puente.   

Partyparticipates in collective exhibitions nationally and internationally. In 2021 it is part ofSACH #5(Chacarita was enlarged) at Casa Chaca as a guest artist with Vicky Pujol Ferrari and Lole Asikian. In 2019 he lives in Israel where he participates in the collective exhibitionIndependent Pop Artcurated by Orly Dvir at Orly Dvir Gallery and at Dizengoff Center, Tel Aviv, Israel. In 2018, he exhibited together with Francesca Darget and Juana Rodríguez Simón in the exhibitionCourage and Dispossessioncurated by Pablo Frezza and Juana Biolcati at Casa Salvador, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

b.1962, Buenos Aires, AR - Lives and works in Bs As
Púrpura Proyecto training program
Workshops with C. Santander, J. Doffo, T. Pereda, E. Medici and R. Bianchedi, among others.
2023: The Element, Casamadre, Madrid, ES; PuroDiseño, Buenos Aires, AR; Venice Curatorial Course Scholarship, Venice, IT; London Art Biennale, London, UK.
2022: BanCOR Award, Francisco Tamburini Museum, Córdoba, AR; Solo Show Dolores Valdés home gallery, Bs As, AR
2021: Tigre Artists Association, Nordelta, Bs As, AR; Solo Show Archipiélago, Casa de las Culturas de Tigre, Bs As, AR

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