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Born in Tucumán, Argentina in 1971. Lives in Tucumán. 

Visual artist focused on photography. He is currently dedicated to the production of his personal work with local, national and international projection. Print photography on wood, as an alternative support to the traditional one.

He is finishing the edition of his first photobook "Chromatic Topographies", soon to be published.

Co-founder of the artistic collective ESTUDIO ABASTO, an artistic collective where its members, gathered in a common space and from different disciplines, are determined to promote culture through different activities such as workshops, courses and organization of cultural events.
Between 2005 and 2022 he is a photographer and photo editor in the Department of Press and Communication of the Ministry of Health of the Province of Tucumán. Between 2017 and 2020 he acts as Head of the Image Bank of the Boreal Foundation based in Tucumán. From 1999 to 2006 he worked as a photographer for Julio Pantoja's "Infoto" Tucumán Photojournalism Agency. He worked as a photographer in the newspaper "El Siglo" in Tucumán between 1992 and 1997. He was a Portfolio Reviewer at the "Argentine Biennial of Documentary Photography" in Tucumán in the 2022, 2018, 2016, 2014 editions.


2012 :: Second Prize of the IX Salon of Contemporary Art. Museum of the National University of Tucumán -MUNT-. Tucuman, Argentina.

2010 :: First Acquisition Prize, Northwest Argentine Regional Salon of Visual Arts -NOA-. La Rioja, Argentina 
2009 :: Fourth Acquisition Prize, National Endowment for the Arts -FNA- (Exclusive for artists under 35 years of age) at LIX Salón Nacional de Rosario, Juan B. Castagnino Municipal Museum of Fine Arts. Santa Fe, Argentina

2008 :: Acquisition Award "Cámara de Diputados", LXXXV National Annual Salon of Santa Fé. Discipline, Photography. Santa Fe, Argentina

2007 :: First Prize Northwest Region / Photography, Argentine Visual Arts Award from Fundación Osde, CABA, Argentina.

2005 :: Honorable Mention, III Edition of the Josune Dorronsoro Latin American Photography Contest. Caracas Venezuela.
2005 :: First prize in the “Latin American Social Reality International Photography Contest”, organized by Expotrastiendas and the Association of Art Galleries of Argentina. 
2005 :: Fourth Acquisition Prize, National Endowment for the Arts (Exclusive for artists under 35 years of age) at LIX Salón Nacional de Rosario, Juan B. Castagnino Municipal Museum of Fine Arts. Santa Fe, Argentina

2001 :: First Prize, 90th edition of the National Salon of Visual Arts -SNAV-. Argentina


2021 :: Grant for Group Creation, from the National Endowment for the Arts, “Mercado del Norte” Project, Argentina. 

2019 :: Scholarship for Artistic Creation, from the National Endowment for the Arts, "Cajas de Luz" Project, to continue developing "Chromatic Topographies" and the materialization of a sample, editing and layout of a book of the same.

2007 :: Entrecampos Regional Scholarship, for the training of visual artists, coordinated by Patricia Hakim and Ticio Escobar, at the Museum of the National University of Tucumán.

2005 :: Intercampos II, Fundación Telefónica Training Grant for visual artists, students, photographers, designers, architects and researchers. Theoretical-practical workshop on analysis and deepening in the development of projects of the participating artists and researchers, coordinated by Patricia Hakim and tutored by Justo Pastor Mellado and Valeria González. 

2000 :: Grant for Creation, discipline Photography from the Antorchas Foundation. CABA, Argentina. 


2020 :: "Dynamic Scenarios", FNA Visual Arts Competition Exhibition. CABA, Argentina.

2019 :: “Cajas de Luz”, solo exhibition at Espacio Tucumán, Casa de Tucumán Representation in CABA, Argentina.

2019 :: "Simultaneous Contrasts" an artistic meeting point between the works of the National Endowment for the Arts and the Art Collection of the Osde Foundation. Curators: Juan Balza and Gonzalo Maciel, Osde Foundation, CABA, Argentina.

2018 :: "Confluencias", federal photography exhibition organized by the Federal Investment Council in the Festival de la Luz, CABA, Argentina.

2013 :: Petrobras Award, in Buenos Aires Photo 2013, Palais de Glace, CABA, Argentina.

2012 :: Second Prize of the IX Salon of Contemporary Art of the UNT - MUNT.


Life is finite. It hurts to exist.
The Soul squeezes tears that slide down the cheeks towards the mouth and I feel the bitter taste of the very existence of the being. In the same way, the walls of my Tucumán, exude and peel off its history, its culture, its experiences, the social, the anthropological, the neighborhood, my old woman with her flowered baton, the gathering of friends from the neighborhood in a corner where we drank a beer, the popular, the old and the modern. An endless number of mental or concrete images, which testify to our passage through this minimum segment of a universal and infinite straight line.

The electric light meters turn and mark the watts, interpret the energy of daily life or, they accelerate when they are around 45°C of thermal sensation in the shade, just like a pacemaker does when regulating the beating of the hearts of lovers melting into love and, if it stops, death is present and the door opens to what we don't even suspect.

Perhaps we will become just that, energy.         

Ramón Teves


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