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In my paintings I seek to capture the idea of the instantaneous and the invisible of everyday life. I feel like a pictorial photographer, I think of the works as frames of a cinematographic sequence. I am interested in painting the essence of the moment, what is not seen, capturing what is in people sitting, lying down, sleeping, thinking, sad, that intimacy is what attracts me, in each painting I try to immortalize the sensation that runs through the scene.


When I paint, the action of  comes to me, immersing myself in water, in the wateriness of the painting itself. What separates the surface of the water and the surface of the air, when one is submerged, is a two-dimensional and abstract separation surface that cannot be seen but can be measured. This point of union between one surface and another is what I am interested in working on: between figuration and geometrization, between coherence and incoherence. I think of it as a healing act, both immersing yourself in the water and immersing yourself in the paint.


The brazen display of beauty
María Lightowler -art curator-.


No plan is a plan, and this is how Daniela Achoyan's paintings begin. 
Trained in graphic design and with the expertise that only comes from years of experience in the training of the eye, this purpose of letting intuition flow and giving space to improvisation arises because the strategy is already part of the artist's own work, before any rationalization of the process. 
Rarely is it possible to witness such a fierce and passionate aesthetic contest as on the surface of each of Achoyan's works, where abstraction and figuration, emptiness and saturation, silence and noise, among other binomials, fight it out with impunity. 


The brushstroke is not loose, but fluid. It follows its own path and circles around a composition that contains itself. The colors are combined and certain planes of color - very well dosed - give a formal approach to the scene that is fresh and free.

Achoyan's palette moves in a wide arc, although it is bounded by a specific direction that is not left to chance. However, the artist gives the color a reasonable freedom that allows it to move as naturally as the process requires. It is obvious that the time is dedicated to observation, so that the execution of each decision taken is sufficiently forceful. It is not an expressionist process, but a balanced method between desire and reflection. 

Daniela Achoyan's paintings are a testimony of resistance, emerging unscathed from the historical challenges to which the history of art has subjected the medium since the end of the 19th century. Her work, like a complex and exquisite language, boldly flaunts beauty and is born of real and immaterial forces.

N. 1977, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Estudia la carrera de Diseño Gráfico en la Universidad de Buenos Aires -UBA- y luego se suma como Docente y Jefa de Trabajos Prácticos en la materia ´Diseño Gráfico Nivel II” -Cátedra Cátedra Wolkowicz, entre 2001 y 2012.

Durante más de 15 años trabaja como diseñadora en su propio estudio y de forma contratada, pero luego, en búsqueda de la manifestación de un mensaje personal desde lo expresivo y como parte de una pulsión que se hizo cada vez más fuerte, se abre camino en el desarrollo del arte a través del dibujo y la pintura. Actualmente se dedica a tiempo completo a la producción de su obra, su difusión y exhibición. 

En el campo artístico su formación ha sido mayormente autodidacta. En 2022 participa del programa de coaching para artistas de la curadora argentina Laura Batkis y en 2023 completa el Programa Anual de Artistas -PAC- conjuntamente con un ciclo anual de seminarios en la galería de arte Gachi Pietro de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires. 

Desde 2022 realiza taller de cerámica con Cecilia Nigro y desarrolla alianzas y proyectos de arte y diseño con la marca de moda Ana Forster, con Enamorada del Muro empapelados y con Pared Galería de Arte. 


Desde 2015 participa en exposiciones colectivas e individuales, tanto en Argentina como internacionalmente, entre las que es posible mencionar: 

• 2023. Pulsión Vital. Skiascope online Artsy Exclusive. Curaduría: María Lightowler (Individual)

• 2023. Sentido / Sensación. Casamadre organizada por Skiascope. Madrid, España. Curaduría: María Lightowler

• 2022. La impermanencia de todas las cosas. Jolie Bistró organizada por Latido Projects de Fabian Trigo. Buenos Aires, Argentina (individual)
• 2019. Women Day. Hipódromo Argentino. Buenos Aires, Argentina
• 2017. Festival Sudestada de dibujo e ilustración. Centro Cultural Recoleta- Buenos Aires, Argentina
• 2017. Art in Fall. New Milford. New Jersey, USA
• 2017. ArteLamroth. Lamroth Hakol. Buenos Aires, Argentina
• 2016. Art in Fall. New Milford. New Jersey, USA
• 2015. Amorosa. Galería 5 Balcones. Buenos Aires, Argentina (individual)

(B. 1977, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

She studied Graphic Design at the University of Buenos Aires -UBA- and then joined as a teacher and director of practical works in the subject "Graphic Design Level II" -chair Wolkowicz, between 2001 and 2012.

For more than 15 years she worked as a designer in her own studio and on contract, but then, in search of the manifestation of a personal message of expression and as part of a drive that became stronger and stronger, she made her way in the development of art through drawing and painting. Currently, she dedicates herself full time to the production of her work, its dissemination and exhibition. 

In the artistic field his training has been mostly self-taught. In 2022 she participates in the coaching program for artists of the Argentine curator Laura Batkis and in 2023 she completes the Annual Artists Program -PAC- together with an annual cycle of seminars at the art gallery Gachi Pietro in the city of Buenos Aires. 

Since 2022 she works in a ceramics workshop with Cecilia Nigro and develops alliances and art and design projects with the fashion brand Ana Forster, with Enamorada del Muro wallpapers and with Pared Art Gallery. 


Since 2015 he has participated in group and solo exhibitions, both in Argentina and internationally, among which it is possible to mention:
- 2023. Vital Pulse. Skiascope online Artsy Exclusive. Curator: María Lightowler (Solo Show)

- 2023. Sense / Sensation. Casamadre organized by Skiascope. Madrid, Spain. Curator: María Lightowler

- 2022. The transience of all things. Jolie Bistró organized by Latido Projects of Fabian Trigo. Buenos Aires, Argentina (Solo show) 

- 2019. Women's Day. Argentine Hippodrome. Buenos Aires, Argentina (Solo Show)

- 2017. Sudestada Drawing and Illustration Festival. Recoleta Cultural Center, Buenos Aires, Argentina

- 2017. Art in Fall. New Milford. New Jersey, USA.

- 2017. ArtLamroth. Lamroth Hakol. Buenos Aires, Argentina

- 2016. Art in Fall. New Milford. New Jersey, USA 

- 2015. Amorosa. 5 Balcones Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina (Solo Show)

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