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In my paintings I seek to capture the idea of the instantaneous and the invisible of everyday life. I feel like a pictorial photographer, I think of the works as frames of a cinematographic sequence. I am interested in painting the essence of the moment, what is not seen, capturing what is in people sitting, lying down, sleeping, thinking, sad, that intimacy is what attracts me, in each painting I try to immortalize the sensation that runs through the scene.


When I paint, the action of  comes to me, immersing myself in water, in the wateriness of the painting itself. What separates the surface of the water and the surface of the air, when one is submerged, is a two-dimensional and abstract separation surface that cannot be seen but can be measured. This point of union between one surface and another is what I am interested in working on: between figuration and geometrization, between coherence and incoherence. I think of it as a healing act, both immersing yourself in the water and immersing yourself in the paint.

Eva Gomore_retrato.jpg

My work arises from the need to translate ideas about matter and anthropology into physical objects.
I reflect on human responses to the environment and interpersonal relationships in the timeline; an individual meditation from the ancestral focused on provoking a future collective reflexion.

Working with earth, stone and ceramics in the midst of the digital age alleviates the personal need for contact with the real and the material. The combination with contemporary elements and processes helps me to overcome the anachronism intended in my work. Subverting chronology and changing materials allows me to create an archaeology of the present and the future.

In my production I combine time, the individual and matter.

ÚLTIMO RÍO | Last river

PRE-RODINIA II | Pre rodinia

IMPACTO DE AGUA EN PLANETA SECO | Impact of water on dry planet