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Who is it for?
Accompaniment to visual artists of all disciplines with a contemporary approach, both emerging and long-standing intermediate carrer

Selection of artists
From a careful selection, so that the staff of artists has coherence and quality, they work from calls that allow you to choose the profiles that best fit the search and that are interested in carrying out a comprehensive job of career building with a focus on artistic growth, circulation, communication and marketing of their works in the international and European circuit specifically

The Work

  • Communication tools: statement, biography, conceptual axis

  • Diffusion in interviews in specialized media and Art Magazines

  • Application to opens calls for competitions, awards, residences, scholarships and subsidies work appraisal

  • Monthly consulting meetings

  • Meetings with specialists from the art world

  • On-site and online exhibitions

  • Participation in European art fairs Presence in Artsy

Work Modality

Payment of monthly fee + Commissions on sales

Although the artist staff is expected to project sustained and prolonged work over time, I am open to receiving proposals if you think that this model and the type of work you do, fits this proposal. You can send your portfolio here



WHO IS THE TARGET AUDIENCE?: All artistic disciplines with a contemporary focus.
Emerging and mid-career artists International artists

SELECTION: Previous selection

If you would like to have your work analyzed as part of the Artist Representation Program, you must complete the form with the following information

the following information:

First and last name

Your date of birth

Your nationality

Address of residence

5. contact phone / contact email

6.Web / Social Networks

7. biography or resume *maximum 2000 words

8.Conceptual memory of your work *maximum 500 words

9.10 images of your work with technical specifications in a single PDF file.

Work Management + Marketing
What does it consist of?

*Selection of between 5 (five) and 7 (seven) works for presentation in international competitions, salons and calls of various types in Europe, which will strengthen both the Curriculum Vitae of the artists and their works.

Selection of between 5 (five) and 7 (seven) works for presentation in international competitions, salons and different types of calls in Europe, in order to strengthen both the professional curriculum and the circulation of the work. 
*Drafting of the curatorial text and the artist's statement.
*Compilation and adaptation of biography and curriculum vitae 
*Appraisal of the work

*Commercialization through participation in 1 (one) group exhibition in Madrid, participation in 1 European art fair to be defined,

Publication of the work on the Artsy platform and in the online art shop of Maria Lightowler Artist Representation.

*1 individual monthly consultation via zoom 
*1 monthly group meeting with art world professionals via zoom 
*Access to the art and art market resources repository



1. With artwork storage: for artists who do not reside in the city of Madrid, Spain, we offer the possibility of hosting the artwork for a fee (included in the Programme).

The artist is responsible for the shipment of the pieces, with their correct packaging.
For artists working with reproducible works, it is possible to coordinate the printing and framing in Madrid, assuming the artist, the production costs and the fees of the person in charge.

fees of the person in charge.

The minimum work contract, once the artist's selection is confirmed, will be for 6 months. In case of not fulfilling the contract or not renewing it, the works will be returned to the artist and the cost will be paid by the artist.

returned to the artist and the cost will be at the artist's expense. 

Assistance will be provided for the completion of shipping procedures and advice for packing, but all costs and responsibility for shipping will be the sole and exclusive responsibility of the artist.

responsibility of the artist.

2. Without work storage: between 5 and 7 works will be selected to be worked on together.

In both cases, once the works have been selected, the artist must provide professional images in High Resolution with all technical data and sales prices jointly defined.

and only on that selection, the artist will have exclusivity of sale and exhibition.

Once the selection as an artist is confirmed, to be part of the portfolio of represented artists, a work contract of no less than 6 (six) months will be signed.

Monthly fee + Sales commissions
/Euros 185 + VAT (21%) per month with hosting of work
/euros 150 + VAT (21%) monthly without site hosting if you live in Madrid
/20% commission on sales at exhibitions and fairs
/40% commission for sales in Artsy

/ Minimum work contract: 6 months

/ For EUROPEAN UNION residents all prices with +VAT 21%.

I´m María Lightowler and I was born and live in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I currently reside in Madrid, Spain. With more than 15 years of experience in the art world, I can say that I have been in almost every corner of the complex art system: the gallery, the museum, art fairs, exhibitions and publications. Always with a professional perspective, my training as a museologist and art teacher led me to specialize in curating and cultural management for visual artists. As the famous Gilbert & George used to say, I like to be "in the art" from several places, accompanying the artist as an accomplice, focusing not only on the sale, but also on the diffusion of his work and accompanying him in his growth as an artist.

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