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"Using the Museum as a Ready Made". MAGH project by Augusto Castellanos. Open Studio at the RARO Madrid residence

"Silent breathing." A reflection from threatened plant species, to combat botanical blindness in the work of María Ibáñez Lago

"Unconventional. Devoted to herself." Lupe Barcelo. curatorial text

"Walking is the method. Drifts by Marcia Ruiz Bochides". Performance at the RARO Madrid residence. curatorial text

"Transparency and Disclosure". Carmen Aztibia. José A. Mulazzi Provincial Museum. curatorship

"RARE Happy Treasures Exhibition 5 years of residence" + "Shared concerns". Roma Vaquero Diaz, Madelin Wilian, Alexa Meyerotwitz, Elsie Kagan. curatorship

"Genesis. Time as an act of recurrence". Andrea Lamas, Mariela Soldano and María José Antelo run at the origin. curatorship

"DEEP. A complex network of transgenerational and universal references". Betiana Bradas. curatorial text

"Time turned upside down Tipping between the real and the fictional in photography". EnFoco collective photography. Curatorial text 

"The insistence of uncertainty". Agustina Acuna - Sabrina Passalia - Eugenia Soma. Open Studio at the RARO Madrid residence. curatorship

"Support. Is it the spirit that supports the body? Planes and forms in the painting of Mariela Soldano". curatorial text

"Time stopped. Paintings by Paula Cahen". curatorial text

"The strength is in the material." On the installation of Charisia Chatz at the RARO Madrid residence. Curatorial text 

"Matías Canosa Imagining and living: building discourse from photography". curatorial text

"Listening to the latent story condensed into a remnant of history. Objects by Lily Ferreira Erdozain". curatorial text

"Gloria Matarazzo. The provisional truths of an Argentine artist between 1990-1999". Curatorial text based on archival work



"Polarity. Beyond balance". Daphne Kleiman. Curatorship . 

"The smoke that always vanishes inexorably. About the collection of “Signals of smoke for other worlds”. Patricia Viel. Curatorial text for publication

"Between the fantasizing about the materials and the urgency of painting". Gloria Matarazzo Works 1986-1989. Curatorial text based on archival work

"Art is for Mariana Tarrio a way of communicating and understanding the world". curatorial text

"The encounter with the work: imperceptible but transformative. Lía Porto, María Santi and Lula Spotorno". curatorial text

"Tide. A sinuous line in transformation. Paula Bladimirsquy”. Ramseyer Dayer Foundation. curatorship

"It is not a rigorous method but a personal treatment. Verónica Gravina". curatorial text



"Tribute to Eduardo Plá". Curatorial text for Biennial BIT Art, Science and Technology. curatorial text

"Laura Dalton. Scene maker." curatorial text


"Tide. A sinuous line in transformation. Paula Bladimirsquy”. René Bruseau Provincial Museum of Fine Arts. curatorship

“Irreal Model / Ideal Body. Mariana Savaso. CIC - Cinematographic Research Center. curatorship

“Promised Land. Claudia Cebrián”. Lucid House. curatorship

“Almost a moment. Jowy Roman”. Exhibition and dissemination text. Clorox campaign. Federative Republic of Brazil Square. curatorial text

"When painting is a conscious party. On the current production of Victoria Llorens". curatorial text

"Independence Series. Gonzalo Lauda". curatorial text
"Laura Manino's work is outlining its own line". curatorial text>> read



“Dualisms of a contemporary painting. Ethical and curatorial debates based on the discovery of a diptych by the Argentine artist Santiago García Sáenz”. Maria Amor Ferrón – Maria Lightowler. curatorial essay

"Territories". CIC – Cippoletti Chamber of Commerce. Text curatoail Presentation text of the 2019 Calendar. Federal Investment Council -CFI-, Buenos Aires



"Air travel. Wind speeds 4 artists from Catamarca: Celina Galera - Carolina Paradela - Claudia Pucheta - Daniel Sarmiento”. Panorama, series of exhibitions. CFI – Federal Investment Center. curatorial text

“The unconscious that never gives up. Intermissions in the work of Ana Mattioli Jacobs”. Space Modes. curatorial text

“The usual acts. Juliana Ceci Anthology”. Fifth Trabucco. Curation. “Folds and folds in the work of Gabriela Cárdenas”. Matienzo House. curatorship



"Arrive on time for an appointment that is only possible to fail." Updated delimitation of the work of Santiago García Saénz. Publication on the work of the artist Santiago García Saénz, presented at arteBA 2016. Hache Gallery. curatorial text




"The banana is a deadly animal." Loli Mosquera. Ramona Magazine. curatorial review

“An approach to the work of Fernando Goin”. Open Studio Sigma Production Company. curatorial text

"The fifth station. Paintings by Irina Rosenfeldt and Cristina Portela”. Raúl Lozza Museum of Contemporary Art. Curatorial text: María Lightowler, Mariana Rodríguez Iglesias

“By virtue of the unstable”. Irina Rosenfeldt. Damme space. Ramona Magazine. Curatorial text: Mariana Rodríguez Iglesias, María Lightowler 

"When all the noise falls asleep." Diego Figueroa. Curatorial text. Collaboration: María Lightowler, Silvina Pirraglia. Itineraries: René Bruseau Provincial Museum of Fine Arts (Chaco) / Sala del Sol. University Cultural Center (Corrientes) / Haroldo Conti Cultural Center of Memory (Buenos Aires)



“Footprints in the mud. Deciphering traces”. Fernando Goin, Pablo Guiot, Elena Losón. Curatorial text. Passage 17 Contemporary Art

"Enter the cave. A commitment to time in the work of Mercedes Pérez San Martín”. Curatorial text of the exhibition "Time of Thalos". Mercedes Perez San Martin. contemporary art hinge

“Sinking in the shadow what is too visible”. Ines Iticovici. Leo Ocello. Curatorial text: Aldo de Sousa Gallery

“Painting as an excuse to problematize” Text for the exhibition catalogue: “Architecture of insomnia”. Marcos Acosta, Federico Carbia, Nicolas Sara. Curatorial text for catalogue. Federal Chambers. Federal Investment Council IFC

"Survival in the desert". Luis Altieri. Curatorial text. Lilac Gallery



"The imperfect day". Small format works by Santiago García Saénz. Curatorial text. Hache Gallery

"They don't know it, but they sense it, something is going to happen." Gloria Matarazo Curatorial text for BAPhoto Gloria Matarazzo. Curatorial text. BAPhoto fair

"CHUTOHAMPA. The veracity of working time in the work of Mariana Guerrero. Curatorial text

"Cynthia Cohen. Candy Crash." Curatorial text of the exhibition at Fundación Esteban Lisa. Collaboration: Herminda Lahitte and Maria Lightowler. Writing accomplice: Silvina Pirraglia



“Versions of versions. Gloria Matarazzo". Work text



“A permanent déjà vu. Fernando Goín”. Curatorial text. Lisa Stephen Foundation

“Curatorship and Assembly of Exhibitions”. Work booklet. Own publication. Independent distribution.

"Amphibian world. Pitico Vulliez". Curatorial text. Project Center

"Facing the uncertain. Giselle Bliman". Text for arteBA contemporary art fair, Central de Proyectos Arte Actual. Buenos Aires, Argentina

"Put the focus in one direction, to find another. On the photographs of Lucila Bodelón". curatorial text

"Convention: invention. Emilio Renart, Julián Terán, Santiago Espeche and Gabriel Quaranta". Curatorial text of the homonymous exhibition. Collaboration: Maria Lightowler – Herminda Lahitte



"Living nature". Vanina Prajs. Exhibition text. cool contemporary art

"Appropriate to personalize. A possible reading of the work of Patricia Viel"



"The taste for the game". Balbina Lightowler.Read



"Is there something? About Balbina Lightowler." Green Dog Gallery. Ramona Magazine



"Lorena Cabrera. Each artist's entry into the world only lasts an instant." Brother Pig Magazine N°17

"As if all the houses belonged to the same street About the series ´Casas de la Patagonia Austral´ by Roberta Vassallo. Hermano Cerdo Magazine N°23

"Jane Richlovsky. A young artist who paints on canvas" Hermano Cerdo Magazine N°22

"Lucas Marin. Fuentelucas". Brother Pig Magazine N°24



Curatorial text. Catalog of the Ushuaia Museum of Marine Art. Vairo Collection

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