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In my paintings I seek to capture the idea of the instantaneous and the invisible of everyday life. I feel like a pictorial photographer, I think of the works as frames of a cinematographic sequence. I am interested in painting the essence of the moment, what is not seen, capturing what is in people sitting, lying down, sleeping, thinking, sad, that intimacy is what attracts me, in each painting I try to immortalize the sensation that runs through the scene.


When I paint, the action of  comes to me, immersing myself in water, in the wateriness of the painting itself. What separates the surface of the water and the surface of the air, when one is submerged, is a two-dimensional and abstract separation surface that cannot be seen but can be measured. This point of union between one surface and another is what I am interested in working on: between figuration and geometrization, between coherence and incoherence. I think of it as a healing act, both immersing yourself in the water and immersing yourself in the paint.

ANA STEINNEKKER_retrato02.jpg

I see my work as a place where different ways of operating and assimilating personal historical processes take place. I am interested in investigating some socio-cultural remnants or debris that are integrated with this personal history and ultimately embodied in the works. I work with materials that refer to my own history: remains, fabrics, fragments of works and clothing that are re-signified in the present. It is important for me to make an analysis of each of them, to classify them and to proceed to the action of cutting them, rolling them, burning them, sewing them, in a word, to intervene in them. Conceptually, I am interested in the figure of the square as an idea, a form of organization that synthesizes a space, forming a territory of possibilities that repeats itself in an infinite plot. I articulate these plots as a corporeal space in which I can dialogue and transform, generating a story with new poetry.

N. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Es Arquitecta especializada en forma y comunicación en la UB (Universidad de Belgrano).
Trabajó como docente en la UBA (Universidad de Buenos Aires).
Estudió técnicas de representación con Miguel D´Arienzo. Estudió acuarela con E. Cervera y trabajó con arcilla, alambre y vidrio con Carlota Petrolini. Realizó seminarios de escultura con Antonio Pujía y asistió a los talleres de pintura y dibujo de Guillermo Roux y Anna Rank.
Se formó en joyería contemporánea con María Medici. Con Alejandra Roux realizó "Taller de identidad" y Clínica de obra. Participó en las Clínicas de Análisis de Obra del grupo Cazadores, integrado por: Sergio Bazán, Alejandra Roux y Fabiana Barreda. Continuó clínica de obra con Fabiana Barreda, María Carolina Baulo y taller con Mirta Kupferminc.
Realizó un seminario Biomimicry con la arquitecta Mónica Cohen, y color con Karina Peisajovich; también el seminario “Más de papel” con Silvia Brewda; Integra actualmente el grupo de estudio Coordenadas Art, formándose en Historia del Arte Contemporáneo con Julián León Camargo, cine con Federico Irarzabal Realizó Taller de Práctica Curatorial con María Lightowler. Seminario Practicas y pensamientos visuales con Lia Porto y María Santi.
Participó de Seminario Huellas con Andrea Juan y Gabriel Pinedo. Participó de residencias en Francia y NY ,a cargo de Lucia Warck-Meister.

Realizó exposiciones individuales y grupales entre ellas se destacan: Reflejos en tránsito. Galería Terciopelo Negro. Buenos Aires; 1,5 Um metro e meio. Goma Grupa, Brasil; Individual en Universidad de Belgrano, Buenos Aires. Curada por Fabiana Barreda; Librería Ateneo Grand Splendid. Buenos Aires; Art on Fashion, Londres; Affordable Art Fair México; Festival Mira en el Centro Cultural Recoleta, Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires; Paraguas por la Paz. Central Park, Nueva York, El Cubo. Estudio Abramian. Organizado por InfinityInner. Feria TextilHogar. Madrid, España T Hotel. Organizado por Estudio Abramian. Cerdeña, Italia.

N. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
She is an architect specialized in form and communication at the UB (Universidad de Belgrano).
She worked as a teacher at UBA (University of Buenos Aires).
Studied representation techniques with Miguel D'Arienzo. Studied watercolor with E. Cervera and worked with clay, wire and glass with Carlota Petrolini. She attended sculpture seminars with Antonio Pujía and attended painting and drawing workshops with Guillermo Roux and Anna Rank.
She trained in contemporary jewelry with María Medici. With Alejandra Roux she did "Identity Workshop" and Artwork Clinic. She participated in the Artwork Analysis Clinics of the group Cazadores, integrated by: Sergio Bazán, Alejandra Roux and Fabiana Barreda. She continued with the artwork clinic with Fabiana Barreda, María Carolina Baulo and workshop with Mirta Kupferminc.
She attended a seminar Biomimicry with architect Mónica Cohen, and color with Karina Peisajovich; also the seminar "Más de papel" with Silvia Brewda; She is currently part of the study group Coordenadas Art, training in Contemporary Art History with Julián León Camargo, film with Federico Irarzabal She attended the Curatorial Practice Workshop with María Lightowler. Seminar Practices and visual thoughts with Lia Porto and María Santi.
Participated in Seminar Huellas with Andrea Juan and Gabriel Pinedo. Participated in residencies in France and NY, in charge of Lucia Warck-Meister.

She made individual and group exhibitions among them stand out: Reflections in transit. Terciopelo Negro Gallery. Buenos Aires; 1,5 Um metro e meio. Goma Grupa, Brazil; Individual at Universidad de Belgrano, Buenos Aires. Curated by Fabiana Barreda; Ateneo Grand Splendid Bookstore. Buenos Aires; Art on Fashion, London; Affordable Art Fair Mexico; Mira Festival at Centro Cultural Recoleta, Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires; Paraguas por la Paz. Central Park, New York; The Cube. Abramian Studio. Organized by InfinityInner. TextilHogar Fair. Madrid, Spain T Hotel. Organized by Estudio Abramian. Sardinia, Italy.

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