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A través de mi recorrido he incursionado en el uso de distintos lenguajes que me ofrecieron soportes diversos para abordar las distintas temáticas que tienen como eje las diferentes instancias de mi vida personal, mi afectividad y mis intereses con respecto a la vida , a mi mundo circundante y a la realidad que me toca vivir.


Throughout my career, I have ventured into the use of different languages that have offered me various supports to address the different themes that have as axis the different instances of my personal life, my affectivity and my interests in relation to life, my surrounding world and the reality that I have to live.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Attend the workshops of the artists Raquel Forner and Kenneth Kemble.
She studied Art Theory with Professor Jorge López Anaya.
Philosophy of Modern Art with Graduate Elena Oliveras.
Member of the Gen Creativity group, coordinated by the artist Emilio Renart. She carries out a Photographic Work Clinic with Fabiana Barreda.
2021  :: Hamptons Fine Art Fair ,online , New York .USA
2013 :: Timoteo Navarro Museum. San Miguel de Tucuman. Installation and Photographs. Tucuman, Argentina
1998 :: FILO-Art Space. Buenos Aires, Argentina
1993 :: Giesso Space. Facility. Buenos Aires, Argentina
1991 :: Van Riel Gallery. Harrods in Art. Buenos Aires, Argentina
1990 :: Recoleta Cultural Center. Installation, Paintings and Objects. Buenos Aires, Argentina
1988 :: Attica Gallery. Paintings and Objects. Buenos Aires, Argentina
1980 :: Lirolay Gallery. Painting.Buenos Aires, Argentina

2003 :: 3rd Prize University of Belgrano.
1995 :: 1st Prize in the category Experiences. Argentine Association of Art Critics.
1992 :: 1st Prize CAYC América 92. Project for Public Sculpture.
1984 :: 2nd Prize in the National Salon of Santa Fe.

1st Mention Buenos Aires Stock Exchange Award.

1980 :: 1st Mention in the Almirante Brown Municipal Hall.

3rd :: University of Belgrano Award Mention.

2nd :: Mention. Givre Foundation Award.

Her paintings and photographs are part of important art collections in the USA, Canada, Peru, Chile, Japan, Italy, China, Uruguay and Argentina.

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