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Using a pseudoscientific methodology, the artist seeks to discover the territory of which, as an artist, she is a part, by personal choice. Explore, walk and observe. Analyze the areas of accumulation of materials, the frequency of the finds, the influence of the weather or the tide. Collect manually and investigate the origin of the materiality found, with scientific advice. It carries out the collection of these structures on the beaches of Formentera with the authorization of the Ministry of the Environment of the Balearic Government. 

In this work, the massive presence on the beaches of the remains of an animal species, belonging to the Porifera class of the Spongiide family, called common marine sponge, is questioned. These remains are a specificity of the territory. What were the conditions that occurred for the arrival of the sponges on the beach? What processes and metamorphoses did they go through? Imagine their history and journey until their fortuitous meeting. In the methodology of his work, he incorporates painting to explore the physical capabilities of the collected skeletons of marine sponges. From the absorption property of the material, observe the changes in texture, volume, weight, and flexibility.

Measure and weigh the marine sponge on a precision scale, before and after immersing it entirely in water pigments.
Record the physical changes produced and then pour the material absorbed by the sponge onto the support. Seek to get as many results as possible. Paint pools, settles, cracks, blends, or blends. traces remain
of the porosity and natural irregularity of the sponges. The experimental result, despite its methodical nature, is strange and accidental. With this working method, he seeks to create a possible emotional understanding of the landscape.



The elusiveness of color, the immensity of the natural elements, and the instinctive movement in this work seem to constitute an ancestral dance. And although it does not literally refer to a dance, it finds its identity in movement. As an indecipherable challenge, the stains of the painting reveal themselves, and it is in this play of tensions that we find the most authentic development of the brushstrokes and the layers of paint that make up the body of this work. They are gestural brushstrokes that, in abstraction, assemble a story that is not narrative but metaphorical. It is between the sky and the earth, in the reflection of the water and in the immateriality of the air, where I let emerge the vestiges of my childhood memories, the cultural heritage and my connection with nature.


Nace en Buenos Aires en 1946

Se formó en Dibujo en el taller de Miguel Ángel Vidal (1968-1970), perfeccionándose luego en la Academia Brera (Milán, Italia).

Sus profesores de pintura han sido Jorge Demirjián (1976-1980), Adolfo Nigro (1983-1987) y Guillermo Roux (2001). Concurrió al taller de Anna Rank (2002-2006) profundizando sus estudios con modelo en vivo y pintura abstracta.

Desde el año 2015 sigue trabajando en el estudio de Rebeca Mendoza, donde también ha realizado talleres de Clínica de Obra, Armado de Proyectos y Proyecto Personal. Actualmente tiene su taller en San Isidro, Pcia de Buenos Aires.

Participa activamente en exposiciones y salones desde 1974.

Entre los más recientes se destacan: •2023. Sentido / Sensación. Casamadre, Madrid, España • 2019 Muestra Individual en la Galería Juana de Arte (Martínez, Pcia de Bs. As) • 2018 y 2017 “Puertas Abiertas” Taller de Rebeca Mendoza (San Isidro, Pcia Bs. As.) • 2010 Muestra Colectiva en el Taller de Anna Rank (Palermo, CABA) • 2009 Exposición Colectiva “El Abril de los Poetas” en Galería Palermo H (Palermo, CABA) • 2009 Muestra colectiva en Fundación Patagonia • 2008 Exposición Colectiva en “VI Salón de Otoño de Pintura” (San Telmo, CABA) • 2008 Convocatoria Sala de Cultura Municipalidad de San Isidro (2do Premio) • 2007 “Gallery Nights” CABA • 2007 “Arte con Pasión y Compasión”, Subasta a beneficio de “Puntos Corazón”, Embajada de Francia (Recoleta, CABA) • 2006 Exposición en Bohnenkamp & Revale Art (Retiro, CABA)

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